History of ECI

ECI was founded in 1953 as a supplier of wire harnesses and cord sets to the North American white good appliance industry. The company continued their growth through geographic expansion and by providing the same products and services into many other industries. ECI’s success can be attributed to the company’s focus on providing a total cost solution through superior quality, engineering, technical expertise and outstanding customer service.

ECI Milestones

2019 | Opened facility in Tequisquiapan, New Mexico
2019 | Completed acquisition of NRI Electronics
2018 | Acquired by Cerberus Capital Management, L.P.
2017 | Completed acquisition of Fargo Assembly Company
2016 | Completed acquisition of  Whitepath Fab Tech
2015 | Completed acquisition of Global Harness Systems
2014 | Opened ECI – Morocco Plant in Tangier, Morocco
2014 | Acquired by KPS Capital Partners
2013 | Completed acquisition of Incaelec S.L.U
2008 | Opened Poland Plant in Bielsko Biala, Poland
2007 | Completed acquisition of NOMA Corporation
2006 | Completed construction of Futian, China facility
2006 | Completed acquisition of Cabind S.p.A
2006 | Acquired by Francisco Partners and named Electrical Components International, Inc.
2004 | Opened Greenfield specialty harness facility in Juarez, Mexico
2003 | Opened Greenfield facility in Guangzhou, China
1999 | Consolidated twelve U.S. facilities into two Mexican facilities
1998 | Opened Greenfield facility in Chihuahua, Mexico
1994 | Completed acquisition of GE’s captive wire harness business
1992 | Acquired by Hicks Muse / Mills & Partners
1953 | Began wire harness manufacturing under the name Burcliff Holdings Corporation in Mishawaka, Indiana