Advanced Safety High Speed Data

Safer Mobility Solutions

Advanced safety solutions are the next frontier on the path to autonomous driving. Systems that warn drivers of dangers, fatigue, and distraction, and take over control of the vehicle are here now. The rapidly advancing and continually evolving technology behind these systems require complex and innovative wire harness solutions. 

ECI is a key partner who engages with our customers during initial architecture decisions to final vehicle design to ensure the challenges presented by autonomous driving are met with the most optimal solutions.


Powering Advanced Vehicle Safety

ECI supports the world’s leading automotive suppliers to power innovative solutions in safer and more connected mobility. Our electrical distribution systems are behind the intelligent mobile solutions that are making vehicles the safest yet. Together, these solutions will accelerate the demand and adoption of autonomous driving globally.

We manufacture automotive wire harnesses used for interior and exterior mirrors, cameras, lamps, and other peripheral electronics.

Custom-Developed Components

Advanced Systems require more complex harnesses and high-speed, high-reliability power and data distribution. ECI designs and manufactures proprietary components custom-built for the most innovative and demanding technology.

Advanced Systems also require more smart mirrors, cameras, lamps, peripheral electronics, and sensors to be integrated into vehicles. Our intelligent wire harnesses provide smarter, safer, and more integrated solutions.

Embedded Engineering Resources

Our resident engineers are integrated into our customers’ operations to design harnesses specific to their applications and performance requirements. We work with our customers to design the right product to meet their needs, providing flexibility and unique solutions to challenging problems.