Control Box Assembly

Custom Control Boxes

Electrical systems are comprised of a variety of electro-mechanical components and subassemblies. Often these components include wire harnesses and cable assemblies, relays, programmable logic controllers, safety components, power supplies, wires, cables, and pneumatics that need to be integrated into a panel or enclosure. The resulting customized and often complex design is a cable box assembly. Our cable boxes range from configurable systems to high-volume assemblies.

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A control box assembly unit

Integrated Engineering Resources

Our resident engineers work with customer teams to design cable box assemblies to meet exacting product specifications. Our experienced engineers and production personnel quickly adapt to engineering changes and supply requirements with speed and efficiency.

ECI is your single source for electromechanical assemblies, control panels, and electromechanical manufacturing needs. Our manufacturing centers of excellence are vertically integrated so that our customers benefit from value-added services in harness and wire, sheet metal forming, and injection molding.

Cable Box Components

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)
Custom Wire Harnesses And Cable Assemblies
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
DIN Rails
Power Supplies
Safety Components

Manufactured for Quality and Efficiency

ECI’s facilities are built to meet the requirements of our diverse customer base with centers of excellence dedicated to products and industries. Our deep product experience, tenured resident engineers, and exacting process and quality standards ensure consistent operational excellence – from simple, high-volume to the most sophisticated complex assemblies.

We tailor our manufacturing processes to our customers’ needs, producing in locations close to them, or in lower-cost countries.