Engineered Components

Molding, Power Distribution and Control Panels

ECI designs and engineers power distribution modules and molds connectors. Our modules are widely used in fire and emergency, over-the-road, construction, and agricultural vehicles, as well as in access lift and aerial platforms. ECI also engineers and assembles complex electrical control panels, ranging in scale from small to whole building applications for HVAC.

We custom-build our modules to meet the unique requirements of our customers’ complex electrical systems. We design our modules with flexibility to easily integrate into control panels. Our modules are interchangeable to seamlessly adapt to our customers’ evolving electrical needs.


A D4 Editar component

Integrated Electronics and Wiring

ECI has the capability to mold first surface parts, such as control panels, and integrate circuit boards and wire harness assemblies. The completed, tested assembly enables supply chain optimizations which creates valuable options to our customers that are not available from competitors who only specialize in a single discipline.

A D4 Editar component

Partners In Design And Application

ECI’s expert engineers support our customers in the design of electrical components to meet their specific needs and applications. We advise on the selection and application of their power distribution systems and deliver an end-to-end design solution. Specifically, our engineers design the systems for new or innovative applications, custom connectors and harness components, and the wire harnesses to be used with our panels. We also supply pre-assembled panels.