High-Voltage Electrical Distribution Systems

The Next Generation of Cables

ECI develops and manufactures high-voltage cables and custom assemblies for commercial, industrial, and recreational electric vehicles. We are building the next generation of high-voltage cables and assemblies to support the Transportation Industry’s transition to electric vehicles.


An image of ProEV Assembly cables.

Custom-Built for EV Innovation

We are a trusted partner to the most innovative OEMs advancing the design, production, and sale of electric vehicles worldwide. Our high-voltage cables and assemblies are custom engineered to power the latest technology in electric and hybrid vehicles. From prototype to production, we design custom electrical distribution systems to our customer’s exacting performance requirements.

Proprietary ProEV™ Cables

ProEV™ are proprietary high-voltage cables developed by the experts at Promark, a subsidiary of ECI. ProEV™ cables and assemblies are designed specifically for electric and hybrid vehicles. Our cables provide leading OEMs with versatility and agility. They are flexible for various applications and sizes and support a wide range of connector options.

Our cables are available in a wide range of sizes and two constructions. No matter the application, there is a ProEV™ to meet your need for flexibility, abrasion resistance, and temperature mitigation, all with low minimums.

Discover ProEV™ at Promark.com

An image of orange assembly cables.

Strength And Flexibility

Our high-voltage cables are built to withstand the most demanding environmental conditions and are resistant to a range of temperatures, weather, and UV rays. No matter the equipment, our reliable electrical distribution systems are built to perform at the highest levels and under the most challenging conditions.