Celebrating a Decade: ECI Morocco’s 10th Anniversary and Plant Expansion

Tangier, Morocco – May 17, 2024 – Electrical Components International, Inc. (“ECI”), a leading global supplier of electrical distribution systems, control box assemblies, and other critical engineered components for diversified markets, celebrated its 10th anniversary in Morocco with the inauguration of an expanded plant in Tangier Automotive City (TAC).

A decade ago, ECI embarked on an inspiring journey by becoming the first investor in Tangier Automotive City. This decision was guided by the vision of a prosperous future, a vision that Morocco has embraced.

With this expansion, the company reaffirms its presence in this dynamic industrial region, increasing production capacity to 40 million pieces annually and generating over 500 direct jobs. The expanded facility serves diversified attractive end markets such as automotive equipment, home appliance, construction machinery and many more for large blue-chip customers.

Over the years, ECI has built a strong partnership with Morocco, benefiting from modern infrastructure, sector strategies, and trade agreements. “Tangier has become more than a location for us; it is a place where our roots run deep, with a talent base of 1,400 employees committed to our success,” said Mike Balsei, CEO of ECI, in his inaugural speech.

Mrs. Ayda Fathi, Head of the Automotive Industry at the Moroccan Ministry of Industry and Trade, emphasized the strategic importance of ECI’s presence, highlighting its contribution to the regional infrastructure and maritime links.

Aligning with ECI’s commitment to sustainability and innovation, the facility adheres to the latest industrial standards and technologies, strengthening ECI’s role within the Tanger Med Industrial Platform and serving customers globally. “We are thankful to everyone who has been part of this remarkable journey: the employees, partners, government officials, and the people of Tangier”, added Zoltán Csibra Csibra, President of EMEA.

ECI is committed to a sustainable future as it expands in Tangier. The new facility will enhance growth and strengthen ECI’s role in Morocco’s industrial sector. With a decade of investment in the region, ECI continues to build partnerships and boost local economic growth.

About ECI

Founded in 1953, ECI is one of the world’s leading suppliers of electrical distribution systems, control box assemblies, and other critical engineered components for diversified markets. With 25,000 employees and 40+ global manufacturing locations, ECI is the trusted partner to market leaders with 500+ customers. At ECI, we power smart, connected, and electrified solutions that enable the most advanced technologies to solve the most complex challenges. For more information about ECI, visit www.ecintl.com.