ECI Achieves Full Vertical Integration at Saltillo Plant, Mexico with its Compressor Plug Technology

ST. LOUIS, MO.– April 6, 2022 – Electrical Components International, Inc. (“ECI”), a leading global supplier of electrical distribution systems, control box assemblies, and other engineered components for diversified markets, today announced our Saltillo plant, Mexico has completed full vertical integration of all components, which produces our Compressor Plug Technology. This vertical integration strategy lowers transaction costs and puts more direct control of the supply chain into our hands operationally, thereby lowering the supply chain risk and helping us better serve our customers. 

Compressors are a key element in many industrial and medical applications including the generation of oxygen, nitrogen, blood analyzing equipment and x-ray machines. ECI’s proprietary Compressor Plug Technology enables the plug to be mounted on top of the compressor, which in turn enables a smaller package size and more efficient device operation. 

“ECI was presented with the challenge from our customer to mount the compressor plug on top of the device, which was not possible using standard materials due to the heat generated by the compressor itself. This challenge led to an exhaustive search and ultimately collaboration with our supply base to find the right material blend to solve the problem. This solution is not available anywhere but ECI and demonstrates the problem-solving capabilities of our team”, said Mark Sember, VP of Global Electrification and Advanced Technology.

“ECI understands the industry-wide supply chain challenges and has several initiatives involving every element of our cross-functional team to target stabilized supply, pivot to alternatives where we can and minimize customer disruptions. I’m very proud of our team’s accomplishment to achieve full vertical integration for our Saltillo operations”, said Alfonso Delgadillo, President of ECI North America. 

About ECI 

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