ECI Recognized for Supplier Quality Excellence by Mabe

QUERÉTARO, Mexico, November 16, 2023 – Electrical Components International, Inc. (“ECI”), a leading global supplier of electrical distribution systems, control box assemblies, and other critical engineered components for diversified markets, is delighted to announce its recent participation in Mabe’s Best Suppliers event at his Tequisquiapan location, where ECI was recognized for its active involvement in the quality campaign, earning the “Mabe seal”.

This recognition not only underscores our commitment to being acknowledged as highly qualified suppliers but also solidifies our position at the forefront of the industry. Our paramount objective is to uphold the trust of our consumers and users by consistently delivering top-notch quality across all aspects of our operations.

Carlos Meneses, Quality Manager, expressed his gratitude towards the team, saying, “Our deepest gratitude extends to the entire staff. Whether in Production, Maintenance, Manufacturing, or HR, each team member has played an integral role in our success. The unwavering support and dedication to maintaining a sharp focus on quality have been instrumental in achieving this remarkable milestone. This celebration is a collective triumph, a testament to the dedication and teamwork of every individual.”

While our achievement is notable within the context of our collaboration with Mabe, we want to emphasize that our commitment to quality extends far beyond any single partnership. Tequis Plant 1 remains steadfast in upholding the highest standards for all our customers. Trust and reliability form the bedrock of our operations, and we are resolute in our determination to continue delivering excellence.

As we express our gratitude, we eagerly anticipate further accomplishments. This recognition marks not the endpoint but a stepping stone towards even greater heights. At ECI, we have a culture of continuous improvement, with a keen focus on enhancing our delivery and quality performance. We see this acknowledgment as both a validation of our past efforts and motivation for the future.

About ECI 

Founded in 1953, Electrical Components International (ECI) is one of the world’s leading suppliers of electrical distribution systems, control box assemblies, and other critical engineered components for diversified markets. With 25,000 employees and 40+ global manufacturing locations, ECI is the trusted partner to market leaders with 500+ customers. At ECI, we power smart, connected, and electrified solutions that enable the most advanced technologies to solve the most complex challenges. For more information about ECI, visit