Introducing KonnectAI® – The Next Generation of Quality Inspection for High Voltage Harnesses

LOUIS, MO. – July 12, 2022 – Electrical Components International, Inc. (“ECI”), a leading global supplier of electrical distribution systems, control box assemblies, and other engineered components for diversified markets, is proud to introduce KonnectAI®, the next generation of artificial intelligence (“AI”) quality inspection, engineered and produced by ProEV, the electrical vehicle (“EV”) center of excellence for ECI. 

As the trend towards autonomous vehicles accelerates, “mission-critical” high voltage vehicle systems require the next generation of quality control and inspection to ensure a zero-defect manufacturing strategy. 

What is it? 

The KonnectAI®Quality is an in-process and final visual quality inspection system. It is a system that uses state-of-the-art AI algorithms and computer vision technology to augment our quality inspection throughout our production processes. It is a unique differentiator in the electrical distribution systems industry. We perform 100% in-process and final inspection for must never fail (“MNF”) products. Our system is constantly learning by using artificial intelligence to compare products to a database of thousands of images. 

How does it work? 

KonnectAI® employs video-based AI in a continuous learning mode that feeds data frame by frame into the AI server for analysis. The algorithm divides the frame into regions and defines bounding boxes using a probability calculation for each region of the frame. The probabilities of each bounding box are weighted so that the vision model can decide a “good part” based on the whole image rather than one pixel at a time. This efficient approach is far superior to traditional Automated Optical Inspection systems, which require hard-coded rigorous statistical calculations and static dimensional tolerances that are generally wider than necessary to allow for part-to-part variation.  

KonnectAI® is a unique manufacturing differentiator that doesn’t increase cycle time, therefore it does not increase cost. As the operators assemble the parts, they inspect their assemblies to get live inspection results and feedback. This results in higher quality parts, faster operator training, and increased confidence. Each inspection image is captured by the system as a digital “birth certificate”. We are building tech with tech – the products and processes are being engineered together”, said Jarred Knecht, President of Promark. 

About ProEV 

ProEV, a Division of ECI, is the electrical vehicle (“EV”) center of excellence for ECI, servicing global EV customers in the development and manufacturing of their vehicle platforms. For more information, visit 

About ECI 

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