Introducing the Anaconda Power System™ – A Unique High Voltage Power Distribution System For Transit Buses

ST. LOUIS, MO. – May 11, 2022 – Electrical Components International, Inc. (“ECI”), a leading global supplier of electrical distribution systems, control box assemblies, and other engineered components for diversified markets, is proud to introduce the Anaconda Power System™, designed and produced by Rochester Industrial Controls (RIC), a division of ECI.

With a total length over 60 feet, the Anaconda Power System™ harness delivers power to propulsion systems via sealed, custom-designed electrical and mechanical interfaces. It is built to exceed the specified 12-year lifecycle and enable the transition to a sustainable and electrified future for transit buses.

This new high voltage harness has unique characteristics that position it as one of the most innovative solutions in the market. The Anaconda Power System harness has been designed to exceed the most stringent automotive specifications. For example, it can operate in extreme conditions, with temperatures ranging from -70C to 260C. To achieve this, many component integration challenges had to be overcome.

At RIC, the engineering team leverages its innovative mindset to find “out of the box” solutions, starting from a clean sheet of paper to design innovative solutions that address specific customer requirements, while still maintaining a speed to market that is twice as fast as automotive design cycles.

“RIC had to design and select components that met the overall specifications, so the engineering team worked closely with the customer to ensure the final product would perform as required. We leveraged local sources and created custom designs and fabrications for several key components which enabled rapid, high-quality product iterations. At the end of the day, speed to market combined with quality is a differentiator since the electrification product cycles are extremely short”, said Peter Farrell, General Manager of RIC.


About ECI 

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