Pioneering the Future of Electrification with Busbars

Southfield, MI. – July 14, 2023  

Busbars are revolutionizing electrification with their exceptional heat dissipation and power handling capabilities. Outperforming traditional wire solutions, busbars effectively manage higher power loads while maintaining optimal thermal conditions. Additionally, they offer streamlined routing, packaging benefits, and a wide range of termination options to meet the evolving demands of the market. 

The Rise of Busbars 

Busbars possess the most desirable characteristics, positioning them as the preferred choice for various applications, including battery packs and point-to-point connections for vehicle systems. However, to fully leverage the potential of this technology, understanding how to appropriately size these components under different operating conditions is crucial. 

One major challenge is incorporating thermal performance knowledge into the design phase before creating initial prototypes. This step assumes critical importance when time-to-market is a priority for electrification programs. So, how can engineers ensure optimal sizing without compromising efficiency?  

The answer lies in leveraging the power of thermal simulations. 

Navigating the Sizing Challenge 

Thermal simulations have emerged as a highly effective solution for accurately predicting the performance of busbars across various applications. This proactive approach eliminates the need for design iterations during development, resulting in faster rollouts with impeccable design performance. 

By utilizing thermal simulations, engineers can proactively analyze and forecast the thermal behavior of busbars, enabling informed design decisions from the outset. This approach not only saves time but also ensures optimal performance without compromising design quality. 

ECI: Advancing Busbar Design with Thermal Simulations 

Recognizing the need for accurate busbar sizing in electrification, ECI has developed an in-house thermal simulation tool. This tool allows for virtual validation of busbar designs, accelerating time-to-market and ensuring flawless execution.  

Busbars represent a significant leap in electrification technology, and precise sizing through tools like thermal simulations is crucial for their optimal utilization.  

With ECI’s innovative solutions, we are driving the development of efficient and robust electric systems. 

About ECI 

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