Leading the Charge: ECI Brings Expertise to High Voltage Battery Pack Challenges

High Voltage Battery Pack


ST. LOUIS, MO. – Jan 30, 2023 – Electrical Components International, Inc. (“ECI”), a leading global supplier of high and low voltage electrical distribution systems, control box assemblies, and other engineered components, is bringing its expertise in playbook design to the challenging field of high voltage battery packs.

Battery packs represent a significant design challenge due to the massive energy density they must contain in a relatively small area. The cell dynamics surrounding charge/discharge demand advanced strategies for thermal management and battery monitoring technology. Battery topology must enable battery monitoring for each cell and an effective mechanism for precise charge, discharge control and cell energy balance. The electrical power distribution, high speed data and sensor circuits must support these battery level performance objectives.

As ECI’s Senior Engineering Manager Jonathan Jabas explains, “harness architecture and routing must primarily consider the incredibly challenging environment inside a battery pack. It’s almost like routing wire inside of a moving engine block, but, instead of moving parts, you need to route based on thermal considerations primarily and mechanical considerations secondarily. Additionally, you must also balance that with the power distribution and battery monitoring system performance requirements” 

To meet this challenge, ECI is teaming up with American Battery Solutions to co-develop “playbooks” for high and low voltage wire harness. These playbooks capture the design rules and best practices that have been learned through testing, development cycles and customer feedback. These repositories of design knowledge represent hundreds of years of accumulated experience that provides the engineers with a solid roadmap to ensure they deliver a quality design up front, where it matters the most, in a battery pack system. With ECI and American Battery Solutions working together to bring their collective expertise to the design of high voltage battery packs, the future of energy storage looks brighter than ever.

About ECI 

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